How to Reset Forgotten Administrator Password on Windows Server 2016?

Securing any computer or laptop with a text or PIN password should be #1 priority considering how hacking attempts are increasing every day. Even ransom attacks are only targeting the Windows users to manipulate their computer personal data and any trojan or virus attack can destroy your personal information contained inside your computer. So, it is always recommended by computer experts to keep your computer secured with a complex and tough password.

Obviously, there’s a good chance of forgetting your own Windows server 2016 password and it might you get you locked out forever. The painful part of forgetting password is that you won’t be able to see or access any data in your computer without typing in the right password. If your server 2016 is a domain controller and you can’t login your local administrator password. Just login as local admin in a domain recovery mode. If your Windows 2016 server is domain joined, you can logon with any domain admin account to reset the local administrator password. if it’s not in any domain, you may need to look for other alternative ways to fix it.

That’s why in this article, you will get to learn 3 different ways to reset Windows Server 2016 admin password.

Method #1: Reset Windows Server 2016 Password with Command Prompt.

As you guys already know that Command Prompt can perform some crucial tasks in your Windows computer including resetting your user password. Certainly, it required special command lines to be entered before you can reset your computer password.

Step 1. Insert the Windows Server 2016 bootable disc on your computer and restart your system.

Step 2. On the logon screen, keep pressing the Shift key on your keyboard unless the Command prompt app appears on the monitor.

Step 3.  Use the following command to change the utilman.exe application to cmd.exe:

cd windowssystem32
ren Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.old
copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe 

install windows 2016 disc

Step 4. Now, enter the following command line to change your computer administrator password –


start to reset windows 2016 password

Kindly replace “TheNewPassword” with any random characters of your desire which will be your computers new password and press enter to execute the command line. You may restart your PC and use the selected password to login.

Cons –

  • Any wrong execution of command may corrupt your hard drive.
  • Programming skills are required to perform this method.


Method #2: Reset Windows Server 2016 Password with Windows Password Recovery

If the above method disappoints you then don’t worry since in this part we will be using iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Advanced program to unlock your administrator password in Windows Server 2016. It is pretty much guaranteed that your computer password will be recovered with this tool. Basically, this program destroys SAM file in your system so that you can login to your system without losing any data.  However, first you will be required to make a password reset disk from a different computer because your personal computer is protected.

Step 1. Install program on a computer that has administrator privileges. Double click on the password recovery tool icon from the desktop and plug in any USB driver with at least 1 GB space.

install windows password recovery advanced

Step 2. The program offers 2 options to produce a password reset disk – CD/DVD and pen drive. Click the button that says “Burn USB” and wait for the program to write all the required files to unlock your PC on the pen drive.

burn a USB drive

Step 3. Eject the flash drive and plug it back in on your locked Windows server computer that you want to unlock. Reboot your PC and set your computer boot from the USB drive in the BIOS. Then reboot computer and Windows will load the Windows password recovery program upon startup. Simply, select the system and username from the given user list and tap on “Reset Password”.reset admin password on windows server 2016

Take out the pen drive and restart your PC. It is DONE! Your computer is perfectly unlocked!


Method #3: Reset Windows Server 2016 Password from Multiple Administrator Account

Most Windows Server 2016 computers has a guest account setup by default that you could use to reset the password of your main administrator password. Don’t worry, you do not need any password to get into your computer via guest account, granted they only have limited permissions.

Step 1. Turn on your system and login to your computer via guest account.

Step 2. Right-click on “My Computer” and select “Manage” to open the computer management window.

Step 3. Click on “Local Users & Groups” from the given option and select “Users” to expand all the usernames registered on your system.

Step 4. Now, right click on the main username of your computer and check “Set Password”.

computer management

Just enter any password that you could remember twice and save it. Reboot your PC and logon to your system with this password now.

Cons –

  • Guest account must have administrator privileges.
  • Won’t work if you never setup a guest account on your PC.

Conclusion –

Finally, the hazard is over! You may now sit back and relax because you can finally access your Windows server 2016 computer like before. iSeePassword Advanced program has achieved huge success on unlocking all types of Windows computer and it is 100% guaranteed that it can crack all sorts of computer passwords. It is free to try, so you can download it today and test it yourself!

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