2 Ways to Bypass Pattern Lock, Pin or Password on HTC One

Passwords have become a portal key to every aspects of our daily life, be it an ATM password, bank account passwords or something else. The dependency of passwords to access all that are in store has led to many secured settlements, but at the same time has led to grave risks and troubles. And one of the most commonly arisen problems is forgetting passwords of your iOS or Android device. In this article, we would restrict our discussion to forgetting pattern lock on HTC One. Here. In order to create a much safer prospect, you create a complicated and long password for your HTC phone, but being burdened with so many to remember, you forget it the next time you access your device. Now what to do? We would discuss here three interesting methods to help you sort out your problem.

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Method #1: Bypass HTC’s Lock Screen with Factory Reset

Factory reset would definitely bypass pattern lock on your HTC device in few simple steps, but at the cost of losing many essential files and data off your device. The procedure may vary from model to model, but here it has been discussed for HTC One alone. The guideline steps for the method are as follows:

Step 1. Firstly switch off your device if it is on. Then hold the “power button + volume down button” simultaneously and the Bootloader menu will open up

Step 2. There are three Android images appears, and then release the POWERand VOLUME DOWN buttons.

Step 3. Just press VOLUME DOWN to select FACTORY RESET, and then press the POWER button to activate it.

bypass HTC lock screen

Step 4. Eventually, select the “Reboot System Now” after the process is completely done.

So the next time device turns on after the restart you will not be shown the Passcode inquiry any longer.

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Method #2: Unlock Pattern Lock on HTC via Google Account

If you have already pre-configured Google account to unlock your HTC’s lock screen then it will be an option to reset the password of your Google account to bring about the change you desire here. Go through the steps mentioned to propagate the method:

Step 1. Enter wrong password, PIN, or pattern whichever you had set on purpose several times on the lock screen. You will be prompted to enter your Google Account details, along with other options for choice like Emergency call, Backup PIN.

reset HTC lock

Step 2. If you are using a two-step authentication, you definitely need to go to your Google website to generate a one time password (OTP) to enter into your phone.

bypass HTC lock password

Step 3. Once you have entered your Google account, simply change the password which will directly get synchronized with your lock screen password as both of them are the same.

Enter the new Google account password into your HTC device and you will this time gain the access to your phone.


So you see, if you ever get locked out of your own HTC  device, you need not fret as there are so many wonderful techniques available that can easily bypass your lock screen and gain you the access to your device again. Just make sure, that you don’t create another complicated password or pattern like before lest you would face the same problem again.

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