Best Backup Apps for Android in 2018

Now there is an aspect that you need to take into account if you have been a proactive user of Android devices in a while, and that is to Backup your Android data. Since android 6.0 (API 23) Android has introduced Auto back up feature on your device which is a built-in feature of Google. Due to this feature most of your data like Contact details, Docs, calendars, some system settings, browser data, chat logs, apps and other purchased contents, third party app data, lock password data, photos, are stored automatically on your Google drive services. So once you switch over to another Android device, you can simply access your Google account to restore all the stored contents once again to your new device.

But there are few data which are not supported by the automatic Google Auto-back up feature which includes SMS messages, Google Authenticator data, etc. Thus it is of paramount importance of a user to create a backup of all such data which are not likely to be stored on cloud servers to their personal computers. There are several third-party back up apps which are available on the play store to facilitate the backup processes.

Here in this article few of Android backup apps are discussed in length to help you decide which one would be the best choice for your Android device.

#1: App Backup Restore

App backup Restore is a very simple Android backup app and has been used on a large scale by innumerable users across the Internet. It has a list of features which are enlisted below in the following manner.

Key Features:

  • It has the ability to backup and restore APK’s.
  • It can render auto-backup feature to automatically create a back up on servers associated with Google account.
  • It has the option to create back up on cloud servers with Key/Value Backup feature.
  • It can store the backup to your device’s SD card as well.
  • It can backup your contacts.
  • It has got additional features of virus scanner also.
  • can’t back up your password but Android password manger should be helpful.

App Backup Restore

Though well-equipped with so many features it has got one downside and that is it cannot backup actual app data, rather store your APK’s so that you can re-install it whenever you do factory reset to your Device.

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#2. CM Backup

Chetaah Mobile’s CM backup is one of the most popular and highly rated Android backup app which has been torrentially used in the year 2017 by millions of users. The features of the app are listed below.

Salient Features:

  • It can backup messages.
  • It can backup call logs, bookmarks.
  • It can also create backup for calendars info, and alarms.
  • It provides backup facilities for user directories as well.

 CM Backup

 Actually it is a cloud solution backup app that means you will be backing up to their cloud server and would restore your data from there. It helps the user with cross-device restoring. It provides a website from where you can manage and view your backups whenever possible. But it has got one demerit that is, it doesn’t backup applications. 


#3. Backup Your Mobile

Backup Your Mobile is another immediate solution to your backup issue which has been rated highly in the recent times. It can back up a lot more of things than you can actually imagine. Some of the features are postulated below.

Key Features:

  • It can backup application unlike the previous app which didn’t have this feature.
  • It can backup system settings.
  • It can also create backup for SMS, MMs, and call logs.
  • It is a free open source app.

Backup Your Mobile

The UI of this app is fairly easier to use but it comes with one disadvantage, it is reported to have occasional bugs while using it which might disturb your mileage.

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#4. Easy Backup & Restore

As the name suggests, it helps in creating backup and restore your device data in a very simpler way. The feature includes the backup possibilities of MMS, calendars, user directories. You can backup directly to your device SD card or to a cloud storage if need be for an extra security. Though you might need root access for some features, for instance, batch restoring applications or app data. But overall it is a wonderful backup and users have a fairly smoother experience as it is totally free of cost.

 Easy Backup & Restore


#5. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup Root is a wonderful and powerful Android backup app which creates the backup to your SD card and accesses the phone on the root level such that the program not only works faster but also makes the backup much more secured. The feature includes the backup of MMS, text messages, call logs, Wi-Fi AP with .xml extension, bookmarks. Moreover you can use the app without closing other apps in the backdrop, but there is one condition that you need to take into account, that is your Device need to be rooted before you can use this backup app.

Titanium Backup Root



The Android backup apps that are mentioned above in the article are all free of cost, and efficient enough to create secured backups of your personal data on SD card and some with the additional features to store data to the cloud storage system. A little technical expertise is enough to help you use the backup apps even if you are new to using Android devices.

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