How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Lock Screen Passcode If Forgot

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Forgetting your Samsung lock screen pattern or password is not a big news anymore. Usually we set lock screen pattern or passwords to keep our phone from strangers and friends and from our family members from checking our private stuff in our phone and to secure our device as well. But the trouble begins when we forget our own phone lock screen pattern or password. Luckily, there are several methods which can help you to recover your phone's lock password without losing any data. In Samsung galaxy, the easiest way to recover is to put your backup password and you will be good to go. But the real nightmare starts when you forget the backup password as well.

So the main question is how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Lock screen. First of all, you need to stop having panic attacks and start focusing. Of course, you will be able to unlock your phone even if you forget the backup password of your Samsung Galaxy phone. Simply use the following methods and at the end of the tutorial you will be able to unlock your phone and use it again.

Part 1: Bypass Samsung's Screen Password by Using Your Google Account

This should be really simple and the easiest way to bypass your galaxy's lock screen. Every Samsung and Android phone prompts you to login using a Google account which is usually the Google Play Store account as well. So, if you remember that Google account and its password then you should be able to unlock lock screen posscode on your Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5 without any issue.

remove lock password on Samsung

Step 1. Enter wrong password in your phone multiple times. May be over twenty times unless and until you are prompted to use your Google account login details.

Step 2. After you see your phone is asking to enter your Google account credentials, simply login to your Google account and you should be able to unlock your phone.

Step 3. If you are using two-steps verification then you will have to use a computer or laptop to logging in into your Google account and get the one time password and enter that in your phone to complete the process.

Step 4. After you put the one time password, you will be able to unlock your phone and should be able to use it.

Step 5. If you have forgotten your Google account password as well then you are out of luck and won't be able to unlock your phone. In that case, move on to the next method.


Part 2: Unlock Your Screen Lock Using Samsung Find My Mobile

Every Samsung mobile has this feature where you can access your phone remotely using their own remote device management service. It has endless features and one of the feature is to unlock your phone too. Simply process with the following steps and you should be able to unlock your Samsung Galaxy lock passcode. Please note, you need to have a registered Samsung account to make this method work. Usually, when you buy a new Samsung Galaxy phone, you are prompted to make a Samsung account and we will need that account to make this step work.

Unlock Your Screen Lock on samsung

Step 1. Visit which is the official Samsung find my mobile website and login there using your Samsung account credentials.

Step 2. See on the left side bar and click on "Unlock my Device".

Step 3. Your phone should communicate with your with the website at this point and give you the option to unlock your phone.

Step 4. If you have followed the above steps then you should be able to unlock you phone by now.


Once you have successfully unlocked your phone, it is time to set a new phone lock pattern or password and make it easier to remember. To achieve that simply swipe down from the top of your phone screen and click on settings. From there, click on "lock screen and security". Tap on lock screen type and select your new lock pattern or password. For convenient security do consider finger print lock. It will provide more security and will make sure that only you will be able to unlock your phone.

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