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How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10?

What if you are viewing an important scene, or application, characters or images or anything abstract which is not possible to be saved with any means in your computer? Then you would definitely look out for a way to capture images or take screenshot windows 10 laptop.

Screenshots are images that you are taken of whatsoever on your screen.

Windows operating system provides various means to do so with its in-built tools and short keys available in its in-built configuration. This article deals with the ways to take screenshots in Windows 10 operating system. The methods are given below in user-friendly format.

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Methods of Taking Screenshots in Windows 10:

The methods do not require any special means of applications or Software which are quite common while dealing with terms like these, but only simple methods that are already per-installed tool in your Windows 10 operating system. All you just need to know is the all time concealed techniques or short keys.

Method 1: Saving Screenshots as a File using Short keys

There are many short keys available in the operating system which many of the users are not completely aware of though they use it all the time. This method would reveal all such short keys and you will be one click away to take the screenshots.

Step 1.First open your system and go to the location or whatever you want to take the screenshot of.

Step 2.Once you are on the screen whose screenshots you want to take; make sure you have your keyboard fully functional without any dysfunctional part in its hardware.

Step 3.After you have chosen what you want to take as screenshot, carefully press ‘Windows logo key+PrtScn” buttons of your keyboard together.

NOTE: The short keys may differ for different devices. For example for tablets, you must press “Windows logo key+Volume down button”; if you are using certain laptops the short key might be either “Windows logo key+Ctrl+PrtScn” or “Windows logo key+Fn+PrtScn”. For better information you should read your laptops manual in which the short keys are mentioned for taking screenshots.

Step 4.When you have pressed the mentioned short keys, the screen would become dim for a while and the screenshot would instantly appear in a folder. The folder would be entitled as "Screenshots" within your default "Pictures" folder.

All the screenshots would be saved in “PNG” format. The screenshots in Windows 10 are usually saved in PNG format, but if you want to store it in JPEG format, you can select the format type while saving the screenshot in your system.

Step 5.The interesting fact about the dimming of your screen is that the dimming visual effect would only be active if you have already turned on “Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing” option in your settings.

Step 6.If you want to change the settings, go to “Settings” and then “Advanced settings”.

Step 7.Click on the “Advanced tab” and then under the “Performance Options” choose “Visual Effects”.

Sep 8.Many options for your visual effects while taking screenshots would appear. You can select any of those options and then press “ok” to make it work.

Method 2: Taking Flexible Screenshots  on Windows 10 using Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is one of the finest creations of Windows which was first introduced in Windows Vista and never got any extra added features except some bug fixes. It allows you to capture images of an open window, a free form area, a rectangular area or the entire screen.

There is one advantage in Windows 10 snipping tool which was not previously available in Windows Vista, 7, 8. All the versions earlier than Windows 10 back to Vista; snipping tool had a limitation of not being able to capture the mouse movements, like pop-ups and tooltips.  Some Windows 7/8 computer may need to update to Windows 10.

Thus Windows 10 is more efficient in capturing screenshots with advanced additional features. It has a "Delay" option which will unlike other snipping tools permits you to capture screenshots with tooltips and pop-up menus.

Step 1.Open the Snipping Tool feature and click on the "Delay" option.

Step 2.From the drop down menu, choose the time interval you would wait before the tool captures the screenshots.

Step 3.Once you are done with choosing the time interval before the screenshot is taken, click on the “New” option to choose the type of snip you want to make that is: free-form, rectangular, full-screen, window.

Step 4.The screen would not fade up unlike the usual snips in the previous options. During the time interval, prepare the pop-menu or tooltips in order that they appear in the screenshot.

Step 5.When the screenshot would be taken after the allotted time in the “Delay” option, everything you require and have prepared in advance would be taken altogether in the screenshot.

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Method 3: Using Game Bar in Windows 10

Unlike other previous version of Windows operating system, Windows 10 comes with an additional feature of Game DVR capabilities to take the footages and screenshots of windows PC games. The screenshots are generated as usual in the PNG format and is saved in the following location of your PC:

C:Users[your username]VideosCaptures

Step 1.Before you begin the method, make sure you have launched the Xbox with Windows 10 settings.

Step 2.Under the “Game DVR” section, toggle “Take screenshots using Game DVR” and allot the key shortcuts you want.

Step 3.For taking screenshots use the key combination ‘Windows+G” keys and click on “Yes, this is a game” if prompted.


As you all that snipping tool is a widely recognized application tool in Windows operating system. Thus its uses with time have increased and have become important in the recent times. Capturing images from places or screens which are not accessible by any other tools allows the user to manage any information in a blink of an eye.  If you need to take screenshot windows 10 laptop, just follow the methods above.

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