iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery for Mac OS X

One-click to create your Windows USB reset disk on Mac and simply reset Windows forgotten login, local administrator, user, server password without re-installing system. All data remain completely and in perfect condition!

windows password reset on mac
Why You Need Windows Password Recovery for Mac?

If you’re locked out of your windows OS then you can’t access to your data unless you reinstall the system, but this operation will wipe all data and file on your computer. Fortunately, you have the power to change all that. iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery for Mac tool allows you to create a Windows bootable reset disk on your Mac computer and then remove the screen password for your Windows 10/8/7/server.

1) No need to reinstall the system
2) Stay away from  complex command lines.

2 Ways to Create Windows Bootable Reset Disk on Mac: USB and DVD/CD
Because Apple doesn’t provide ability to make a Windows bootable reset disk with PE built in. So you have to use the professional password resetting tool. iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery for Mac took into consideration of user needs and operational simplicity during the design phase,then give users two ways to create a reset disk: USB drive and DVD/CD.
create bootable reset disk on Mac
Immediately Remove Login, Administrator and User Password
Regardless of password type, this program could be able to instantly remove all Windows password without errors, such as local admin, login, guest, user password and Windows server password. The program continually simplifies software circuits, intesifies reliability to reduce failure ratio, so please feel easy to use. It fully supports resetting password on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista and Windows server.
Remove Login, Administrator and User Password
Key Features
Add New User
You’re allowed to create a new local admin users account for your Windows and works like the one created in Windows.
Support UEFI- based Computers
Most new computers are equipped with new UEFI BIOS to improve the booting speed. This program fully supports UEFI booting and loading your USB, DVD disk.
Support 200+ PCs

Support Most of Windows computers, include HP, DELL, LENOVO, ACER, ASUS, MSI, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony...


The whole process is fully automatic, very easy, fast, risk-free, free upgrade and free technical support.

See How It Works
Step 1. Download Widnows Password Recovery on Your Mac OS
First of all, download and install the Windows Password Recovery tool on your Mac computer and launch it.
Step 2. Make A Bootable Reset Disk on Mac
Insert your USB or DVD/CD into Mac computer and the program will  automatically recognizes your USB or DVD, then click "burn" button.
Step 3. Make Your Locked Windows boot from USB or DVD/CD

Plug your USB or DVD to your locked Windows PC and reset the password.

Dr.Excel screenshot
Download Windows Password Recovery for Mac
Compatible with MacOS 10.0 to macOS 13 (M1, M2).

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"This is indubitably an enchanted program that works pretty amusingly. I am shocked to see how quickly it removed my password from the welcome screen. I was really tensed and were having panic attacks since my computer contains all my medical records that I can never afford to lose. Thank you so much for saving my life. Cheers. *****5 Stars***** "

-- Sara O’Brian --

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"I wasn't sure if it could reset my Windows 10 password since I use tough passwords generated by LastPass and I was really afraid if it will delete all my data from the computer. Luckily, both problems were resolved. It successfully removed the password and I didn't lose any document. Thanks a lot for this amazing program. "

-- Avishkar Salvi --

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"Really a nice tool! I helped me created a Windows 10 bootbale reset disk on my Macbook pro and remove the admin password for my Windows 10 HP laptop. All the data are still there! Thank the support staffs for helping me throughout the process. "

-- Noah Mackentyre --