Why You Need WizBurn ?

If you’ve downloaded the installation ISO file from elsewhere and you try to copy ISO file to your flash drive without burning, then you'll find it does not work. So, most people used to directly copy the ISO file to USB flash and didn’t make a boot sector, even the files are there, but the boot sector isn't. In fact, Copy does not means burning, burning a ISO actually means to copy necessary files and boot sector information into your USB or DVD instead of copying actual ISO file onto the drive. So, to copy ISO to your USB, DVD with boot sector. you need WizBurn software, which is a professional ISO burner software used to burn ISO image file into USB flash, DVD, CD and memory cards or other storage units without getting any error.


ISO burner

Create A Bootable Disk with 3 Core Functionality

If you’re having a bootable ISO file and need a straightforward burning program to coyp your ISO file to USB drive or DVD, iSeePassword WizBurn is the right choice for you to burn a bootable USB or DVD without errors when booting. It provides 3 core core functionality to make your bootable disk more smoothly without getting any errors when booting.

Burn in 2 Ways

Burn in 2 Ways

There are 2 burning modes built in WinBurn which allows you to write ISO image to all storage device like USB, DVD, ,CD, memory card, Pen drive and more.

2 Partition Style Supported

2 Partition Style Supported

The program fully support two boot model, MBR(legacy BIOS/CMS boot) and GPT (UEFI boot). you can chose the right one based on your computer and ISO.

3 File Formats

3 File Formats

You’re allowed to select the target drive and select file system, WizBurn offers 3 file formats FAT, FAT32, and NTFS file when burning.

burn ISO with two partition

2 Partition Scheme Available

Before releasing, WinBurn has already added the UEFI feature which can allow you to install Windows 7, Windows 8 in full UEFI mode. Now it fully supports two Partition Scheme.


MBR(legacy BIOS/CMS boot): Works for some old computer which only has Legacy BIOS


GPT (UEFI boot): Choose this option if your ISO file is Windows 10/8, 64Bit, it has strong compatibility for all computer.


See how to choose partition style.

support 50+ storage system

50+ Storage Devices Supported

This ISO burner is specialized in creating multiple partition in a single device. Also can install ISO on multiple storage device.


USB flash drive: SanDisk, Kingston, PNY Turbo, Corsair Flash Voyager Go, HP, iball, Buffalo, Aigo, Corsair.




Memory card: SD Cards, MMC Cards, Compact Flash Cards, Memory Stick.





iSeePassword Offers 2 Versions of ISO Burner

Today iSeePassword has released 2 different versions of this product: WizBurn and WizISO. Each version has different features and is targeted to a different audience.  Select the suitable version according to the situation.


Keys Features WizBurn WizISO (All-in-One)
Burn ISO File to USB Drive
Burn ISO File to DVD/CD
Support Leg and UEFI-based computer
Extract Data From ISO File
Edit An Bootable ISO File New!
Create ISO from Files, Folders New!
Make ISO File from DVD/CD
Supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/ workstations
Amounts of burning Unrestricted Unrestricted
Free lifetime technical support
Free upgrade lifetime
Price: ( 100% Satisfaction Guarantee) $19.95 $29.95
Free Trial: ( 100% Safe Guarantee) Free Trial Free Trial



More Features

History Record


Simple and intuitive graphic interface. 100% burnning rate.

Portable Lockers

Volume Label

You can specify the ISO level for the length of the names.

Add More Folders


Fully support both 32bit and 64 bit on all Windows.

Hide Files

100% Secure

Safe, virus-free, non-shell window and keep your data same as the original. No data loss!

256-bit Encryption


Only with 3 steps: Browse iOS - select - start to burn

Keep Hiding Files

Lifetime Free Update

Enjoy the new update for lifetime free.



Get it Now (Windows Version)

The Windows version runs on any Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP computer.

What Our Users Say Us


Users Review


This is by far the easiest ISO burning program I have ever used. A bootable Windows 10 disk was created after 3 clicks. And there is no error during the burning process. Now, I am able to get into my locked computer. Thanks a lot




I was shocked how hard it is to use UltraISO to create a bootable disk from Windows 7 ISO. I read tons of tutorials but it still fails. It drives me crazy. Then I turned to WizBurn and got it done within 20 minutes. Bravo, WizBurn! Absolutely recommended program for everyone.