How to View and Recover Mozilla Firefox Browser Password ?

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Are you still trying with your passwords in Mozilla, and it is not working? Does it seem like you have forgotten your password? If that is the situation, don't bother yourself with too much worry. The help is on your desk right here.

Mozilla Firefox is a wonderful web browser with tools and features capable enough to do many jobs that you might not be aware of. If you have forgotten your password, certainly it is a great mess, as you are unable to access any account, be it Gmail, Facebook, or your Bank accounts that you access using Mozilla. But do you know when you enter your details or information on the websites and make the browser remember them, they get stored at some specific locations hidden from the sight of user. All you have to do is to get to those hidden locations from where you can retrieve your details or passwords. This article would give you those demonstrations to access such encrypted locations or to find some alternatives to recover password on Mozilla Firefox browser.

Let's learn about Master password

Before we head on to the following article you must keep few things in your mind. First while accessing those safe locations to recover your password, you might come across a prote ction tool provided by Mozilla called as Master Password. On the second case, the Master Password may not be enabled so the problem would be lesser. Firefox used the Master passwords to protect all the saved login information, If you have forgotten master password, there is no way to find your Firefox password, unless you reset your Master password, but this will wipe all of your information that stored in it.

We would deal with both the situations in hand to recover password on Mozilla Firefox.

Method 1: Recover Password on Firefox when Master Password Tool Is Enabled

In this method, Master Password tool is activated, so you have to bypass the protection feature. But why does someone put up such protection. Actually if the user is wise, then you knows very well as to where the saved passwords and usernames are stored in the web browser. In case anybody of your own intellectual equal get in there to retrieve those passwords, you puts up the protection in order to prevent you from getting in there. Now simply follow the guidelines given below step by step to resolve your issue:

Step 1. Open your Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Step 2. Go to the URL section, where website names are typed.

Step 3. Within the URL search panel, type the specific location given below and hit "Enter":


Step 4. On pressing "Enter", you will be automatically directed to the location where you can reset your Master Password feature.

reset firefox password

Step 5. On the page that appears hereafter, click on the "Reset" option, and the feature would be disabled allowing you to enter the saved password and username zone.

WARNING: You much be cautious about one thing while trying out this method. All the details such as passwords and usernames will be wiped from the browser, and you have to enter them again. But the protection feature to access them the next time would not disturb you any longer.

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Method 2: Recover Saved Passwords and Usernames on Mozilla Firefox

Well this method is only applicable if the Master Password feature has been disabled before. Or else the feature would create problem. The first method above was shown for the respective purpose.

Step 1. Open you Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 2. Go to the "Firefox" menu and click there.

Step 3. From the drop down list, click on the "Options".

recover firefox saved password

Step 4. On clicking "Options", an operating window will pop up. On that window go to the tab "Security" and click there to choose the section.

Step 5. In the "security" panel, you would see many options with check-box adjacent to them, and a "saved passwords.." option at the bottom right corner of the window.

Step 6. Click on the "saved passwords…" tab, and again a new window will open up.

find firefox password

Step 7.The new window labeled as "Saved Passwords" by default store all your log-in details such as usernames and passwords that you enter while accessing any website.

Saved Passwords

If you wish to find for any certain website, you can type the website in the search box provided at the top of the window, and the corresponding username and password of that website will be shown underneath. Keep mind the found password in a text.

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As you have seen, Mozilla Firefox web browser is equipped with so many features to safeguard your details. Thus users who are using the browser for the first time need not worry in case they forget their details to any website. Although forgetting passwords at time proves to be very irritating, and you really don't have the time also to reset during hurry. In such cases the second method mentioned in the article would be the most reliable one to follow.

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