MarkPDF PDF Watermark Remover

MarkPDF is an easy-to-use and powerful PDF watermark remover utility that is capable of removing all embedded watermarks from PDF files, such as logos, text and image watermarks, stamps, signatures, and more. Keep your data 100% original!

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Remove text watermark on PDF
Remove Text Watermark from PDF
The reason why PDF watermark can’t be removed is because watermark is a layer embedded in the content, most PDF watermark remover tool can’t locate it and remove it. At the same time, the PDF watermark can be added by various third-party PDF watermark generators instead of Adobe Acrobat , that also makes it difficult to remove the PDF text watermark. In response to these problems, MarkPDF can perfectly remove PDF text watermarks. No matter what kind of watermark creator software it is, MarkPDF can remove them with one click no matter how the watermark is presented.
Remove Image Watermark from PDF
MarkPDF PDF watermark remover is capable of automatically searching and filtering the image watermark from a PDF whether the watermark is floating or embedded. The Batch mode allows you to import multiple PDF files and the program can list multiple pictures at once, and then you can choose to clear the picture watermark from each PDF page with one click. This PDF watermark remover tool does a great job without damaging the original PDF structure, retaining the original content.
Remove Image Watermark from PDF
Remove Watermark from 500 PDFs in 1 Minute without Adobe Acrobat
One of the distinctive advantage in MarkPDF is that it supports batch watermark removal and remove watermark from a single PDF with hundreds of pages, and the program is very stable without crashing. In some sense, it boosts productivity greatly and work efficiency. We have tried the limit testing for MarkPDF batch function. After imported a PDF document with about 700 pages long, and there are text and image watermarks in all pages. iSeePassword PDF watermark remover software can be able to directly identify all watermarks and removes them with one click.
Remove Watermark from 500 PDFs
Keep the Original Structure and Quality
Keep the Original Structure and Quality
Beucase the logic of PDF is a tree structure and it parse all pages, directories, link information, etc. though catalog. So, this PDF watermark remover tool follows this rule to identify and clear PDF watermarks. In this way, all the generated PDFs will be exactly the same as the original, and never disturb and damage the original PDF layer, and will not accidentally delete the content in PDF document. The whole process is absolutely safe and effective!
See How It Works
Step 1. Launch PDF Watermark Remover
Download, install it on your computer (Windows or Mac OS ) then launch it. Select option “Remove watermark” and next.
Step 2. Image PDF Files
Click Add Files button to import your PDFs, then click Next to select the watermark in in the list.
Step 3. Start to Remove

After you select the image or text watermark in the list, then click the Start button to remove them.

MarkPDF screenshot
Download PDF Watermark Remover on Windows & Mac
Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and MacOS 10.9 to 10.15.1

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" MarkPDF Watermark Creator application is really a great watermark tool, it helped me watermark 600 PDF files with text and company logo. The watermark effect is exactly as the same as Adobe acrobat, why not choose it? Love it! *****5 Stars***** "

-- Lindsey E Strug --

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" This was recommended to me by a friend when for some reason a PDF was protected by some image watermark a the bottom of each page, I tried many ways (online service) to remove the watermark but failed, however, MarkPDF worked perfectly! Just one click it was able to remove all watermarks! THANK YOU!! "

-- Ian McCullen--

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"The "MarkPDF" was a lifesaver. I thought I can’t remove the thousands of text and image watermarks from 50 PDF files, but iSeePassword MarkPDF was able to find them and remove them once without disturbing the original content. Very highly recommended. "

-- Danny --