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MarkPDF is the best PDF watermark Creator program that can watermark 300 PDFs in 1 minute! Create PDF Watermark to prevent it from potential unauthorized use and publicize your brand! Own the copyright of them now!

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Customize Your Owner Text Watermark
MarkPDF makes it extremely easy to batch add text watermark to your PDF files without damaging the original structure. Different settings can be customized to different watermarks style. With it, you can set the text font, color, size, transparency, rotation angle, tile style, position and other useful elements. You can also set the watermark layer and page range: whole, page n-m.
Create Your Image Watermark in PDFs
Watermarking PDF is not only to add text, you can also create your image watermark by importing your pre-created company logo, stamp or other images, then set it to every pages of your PDF as a watermark, there are many options to configure your image watermark, such as you can adjust size, transparency, rotation and position. And You can also select which pages your watermark will appear on.
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Watermark 300 PDFs in 1 Minute without Adobe Acrobat
Watermarking is a technique for protection of ownership rights on PDF file, it pays an important role in ensuring that no steals from you your documents and improve product authority. This is the major reason why you need iSeePassword MarkPDF tool to create your personalized watermark to your business PDF document. It can be able to batch watermark 300+ PDF files once in one minutes without corrupting internal PDF data. MarkPDF is pretty easy to use and you don’t need any special skills to master it. Just three steps: Add file, set and start, then all of your PDF files should be watermarked based on your settings. Tile style is a great comprehensive watermark style which can protect your PDF with higher security because it cannot be removed easily.
create watermark to PDF
Customize Your Owner Watermark Templates
Customize Your Owner Watermark Templates
This PDF watermark creator program gives you ability to create your owner text or image watermark templates and saved in your computer. It makes watermark settings very convenient because you don’t need to set up your watermark parameters each time. Save your time! It also provides two preset demo watermark templates for your use. After importing hundreds of PDF files to program, select a watermark template from the list, then click Start button. It will apply the selected watermark templates to all imported PDF files.
Contorl The Way It Appears
MarkPDF gives you 3 appearance options: Show in PDF reader and printed PDF. Only show in printed PDF and hide when print out.
Show in PDF Reader and Printed PDF
You can control the watermark to appears both in PDF readers and printed PDF files.
Only Show in Printed PDF
If you doesn’t want to let others see the watermark in the PDF but want to appear in the printed PDF. It’s easy to achieve. MarkPDF can show watermark only in the printed PDFs.
Hide When Print out

Make PDF watermark only appear in the PDF reader and hide when print it out.

See How It Works
Step 1. Launch PDF Watermark Creator
Download, install it on your computer then run it. Select option “Add watermark to PDF” and next.
Step 2. Create a PDF Watermark Templates
Click Add Files button to import your PDFs, then click Settings to create your watermark templates.
Step 3. Apply Watermark Template to PDFs

After you setting up the watermark template, then select the the watermark from the list and click Start button to apply the template to imported PDFs.

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Download PDF Watermark Maker on Windows & Mac
Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and MacOS 10.9 to 10.15.1.

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" MarkPDF Watermark Creator application is really a great watermark tool, it helped me watermark 600 PDF files with text and company logo. The watermark effect is exactly as the same as Adobe acrobat, why not choose it? Love it! *****5 Stars***** "

-- Lindsey E Strug --

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"Thank you, MarkPDF! You  really does me a great favor. There are nearly 1200+ PDF files that need to watermarked with our company logo and stamp, I tried online watermarking service but it can’t batch watermark PDF, it let me crazy! Fortunately, I found MarkPDF tool, it just watermark all PDF files within 20 seconds without damaging the content. That’s really powerful! I'm happy to recommended to all. "

-- Ian McCullen--

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"First, I want to thank the support iseepassword team for helping me throughout the process. I was unable to install the markPDF on my Windows 10 home, but with the help of the team, I was able to add images watermark to our PDF files. Best people are assisting in this company. Impressive! "

-- Kate Austin --