Windows usb/dvd download alternative

Alternatives to Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

Windows USB/DVD download tool allows you to download an ISO pressed files to USB or DVD and create a bootable USB or DVD so that you can use the bootable device to install the OS in different PC or laptop. Remember that you can only install the OS in one PC at a time. To activate your Windows OS, you need to purchase the original version of windows complete with license and terms and conditions. ‘ If you are facing any problem with the Windows USB/DVD Download tool, or for some reason, it does not work, there are plenty of great alternatives for the Windows USB/DVD download tool for Windows 10.

 Top 4 Alternatives to Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

Alternative 1 – iSeePassword ISO Editor

iSeePassword ISO Editor is one of the best alternatives to the Windows USB/DVD download tool. You can easily use it to create a Windows bootable USB flash drive or DVD by burning the ISO files into it. Unlike the Windows USB/DVD download tool, which sometimes shows error like “NO USB Option”, iSeePassword is compatible enough to recognize all different brands of USB drive and create a bootable drive quickly, no errors will be given. It provides 5 core functionality including  burn, extract, create, edit and copy disc,  that offers customers the most comprehensive, feature-rich solution when deal with ISO file. Here is how you can sue iSeePassword ISO Editor to write ISO files into a USB or DVD: iso editor
  • Download iSeepassword ISO Editor tool on your PC (Windows or Mac).
  • Install and run the tool with Administrator privileges on your PC. On the UI screen, select the Burn option and click browse to select the USB or DVD for importing the ISO files.
  • The program  will automatically detect the USB or DVD drive. Once everything is done, click the burn button below to start the process of burning.
  • After the completion, you check the USB/DVD for the ISO files.
The process is quite simple and doesn’t take much time. Also, it does not show any errors and the process is completed quite smoothly. Don’t miss: How to Create A Windows 10/8/7 Bootable USB or DVD on Mac OS

Alternative 2:  RMPrepUSB

RMPrepUSB is one of the best alternatives for creating bootable USB from ISO file. It offers complete ISO to USB solution with quick and error-free burning. Some of the best features of this tool includes bootloaders, DiskDoctor, Speed Tests, and individual user configurations. The tool allows to make a multiboot USB drive, and you quickly test, partition, install, format, extract, copy files and test a multiboot USB bootable drive.  But the implementation can be very complicated and the process is time-consuming and prone to error. If you’re a beginner, so, we won’t recommend using this tool. RMPrepUSB Here is how you can create USB/DVD with RMPrepUSB:
  • Download the latest version of RMPrepUSB download tool and install it in your PC.
  • After downloading it, run the program with admin privileges. On the UI, three will be a list of bootloader options. Choose the default setting if your preference is File to USB.  
  • Then the tool will read the ISO image file and write it to the selected USB or DVD drive. Select the bootloader and file formatting system you need and click Prepare Drive to start the process.
Once the process is complete, you can check your USB or DVD for the burned ISO files.

Alternative 3:  WinSetupFromUSB

WinSetupFromUSB is also a free and open-source ISO burner software which can be used to create bootable flash drives with different Windows operating system, and  it also supports all various popular rescue, antivirus, backup tools, DOS based utilities and major Linux distributions. It allows you create your own customized images from ISO file and pack images on one USB drive. However, it’s more time-consuming than other tools and also not for beginners. winsetupfromusb  

Alternative 3:  Rufus

Rufus is a free, open-source, and small executable application designed for the Windows OS to format and create bootable USB flash drives. Some of its features include Partition schemes, file systems, ISO write mode, target system type, automatic ISO detection, mode of bootable, bad sector checks, and more. It is an effective alternative tool that can help you burn ISO files to USB and make it bootable. rufus program
  • Download Rufus tool on your computer and install it.
  • Run the program on your computer with “Administrator privileges”
  • Before you burn the ISO files to USB, you need to first download the ISO image file on your computer on your local drive like "C".
  • Open the tool, on the UI select the ISO files (it can automatically detect the ISO file too) and to start the process.
The tool is straight-forward to use and will save you time. If Windows USB/DVD download tool doesn’t work, don’t worry. These are the most effective and easy to use alternatives to Windows USB/DVD download tool for Windows 10/8/7. All the tools mentioned above has own pros and cons. This review articles should help you decide which one is better for you,and the suggestion could make sure you know as much as possible before choosing.