How to Open Administrative Tools in Windows 10

The administrative tool is claimed to be one of the most important feature in Windows. These tools permit the user to make changes to the Operating System of their computers, as per their convenience. These tools include computer services and management, event viewer, local security policy, performance monitor, system configuration and information, task scheduler, firewall and many more. Windows 10 also offers many of these tools or rather their advanced version to its users.

The Administrative Tools can be found in the control panel of your computer. In fact, administrative tools are the maximum used applets in Windows’ control panel. To make the operating system work in accordance with or needs we need to bring about some changes in the default settings of these tools. So here are two easy ways to make changes to the Operating System of your computer.

Method #1: Open Administrative Tools From Default Start Menu

You can gain access to the Administrative tools from the start menu. The start menu is present in the task bar. The task bar is a horizontal or vertical column or bar that can generally be found at the bottom of the computer screen. Click the Windows icon present on the task bar at the extreme left corner of your computer screen and then follow the following steps:

Step 1: Click the Windows icon

Step 2: A list of documents and other tools in your computer system opens up from a launch up window. This menu is known as the Start Menu.

Step 3: Select the all apps view in the start menu present in front of you.

Step 4: From the all apps view search for administrative tools

Step 5: You can also use alphabetical navigation feature to make your search easy and quick.

Step 6: Expand the Administrative tools section and you can make the changes of your choice

These steps will help you with your computer’s operating system for making changes.

Method #2: Open Administrative Tools From Windows Settings

You can also open the Administrative tools folder from the settings. You can find the system settings in my computer in the Local disk C or the commonly called C-drive. There you have a user folder that contains your settings apk. To get access to the Administrative tools section from there follows the following steps:

Step 1: Open settings

Step 2: Go to system

Step 3: Open the about section

Step 4: An option for related settings will be found there

Step 5: Select the option and you will find the Administrative settings

By following the above-mentioned steps, you make required changes to your Operating system as per your requirement.


The two above mentioned methods will help you make changes in your Operating system. Another method that some programmers use is the Shell Command. For this all you need to do is press the Windows key from your keyboard along with the R key. This will open a command window on your screen. It has a space provided for you to type your command for the computer. There type – shell: administrative tools. This will launch a window on your computer screen containing the Administrative tools.