What Is Dr.ZIP and How It Works?


Dr.ZIP is a professional password recovery program for ZIP archives which created with all versions of popular archivers like WinZip and PKZip. The principle of Dr.ZIP is quite complex but also easy to be understood. It uses the specific algorithm to read out key data encryption in ZIP, then extract the encrypted hash from the ZIP file. This hash is very important to ZIP file, when attacking the hash of the ZIP, it can type passwords into the locked ZIP file with thousand of times in a short time. This utility comes with three attack types including Brute-force Attack and Mask Attack, which can break your password in different situation.


zip password breaker

Break Your ZIP Password with Three Key Functions

Breaking a ZIP password may be very easy or very hard based on the complexity of the password you set. Using Dr.ZIP to unlock your password by matching the hash at a rate of thousands of attempts per second. So, a weak password can be unlocked very quickly, but strong password maybe take relatively longer. In our test, Dr.ZIP has a 80% - 90% success rate in breaking ZIP file password without any data corruption.

Lock Your Folder

Powerful Attack Types

There are 2 decryption modes built in Dr.ZIP program which can break your ZIP with or without providing any clue. (Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack).

Hide Your Folder

CPU and GPU acceleration

Dr.ZIP use the advanced GPU acceleration algorithm which can speed up the ZIP password recovery up to 10 X faster.

Disguise	Your	Folder

Support Latest AES Encryption

Dr.ZIP program fully support 128- and 256-bit key AES encryption, which can easily analyze the encryption info and start to crack it.

zip password cracker

3 Efficient Decryption Types Available

Brute-force Attack: Try all possible character combinations if you have no any clues about ZIP password.


Brute-force with Mask Attack: This attack is ideal for users who partially remember their passwords. This is extremely fast and thus highly recommended.


Dictionary mode: You’re allowed to import your own Dictionary file to Dr.ZIP, which helps you find the password quickly




GPU Acceleration

GPU Acceleration, Up to 10X Faster

Because the password becomes more and more stronger and CPUs are not far enough to break ZIP passwords fast. Based on this, Dr.ZIP have specific encryption algorithms that can be significantly accelerated by GPU. Dr.ZIP turns on CPU acceleration in default, so no need to open it.



More Features

History Record

86% Recovery Rate

Break your ZIP password with up to 86% success rate.

Portable Lockers

Support all types of ZIP

Support all versions of popular archives such as WinZip, PKZip etc.

Add More Folders

Support AES Encryption

support 128- and 256-bit key AES encryption. Idenity your locked ZIP easily.

Hide Files

100% Secure

Safe, virus-free, non-shell window and keep your data same as the original. No data loss!

256-bit Encryption


Only with 3 steps: import ZIP, select attack type and start to break.

Keep Hiding Files

Lifetime Free Update

Enjoy the new update for lifetime free.



Get it Now (Windows Version)

The Windows version runs on any Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP computer.

What Our Users Say Us


Users Review
Rohan Malhotra


I zipped my important project last month and unfortunately, I forgot its password last night. I thought the projects are gone forever but a friend of mine recommended this product. I am really happy he did that because within few minutes this tool unlocked my zip file like magic. Thumbs up guys!


Aiden Chad


If anyone forgot their zip file password then I must tell them to use this product without thinking at all. Rather than wasting time checking out other tools, I will advise them to use Dr. zip as it will guaranteed crack your file password. Highly Recommended!