What Is Folder Locker Pro?


With Folder Locker Pro, you can easily password protect any kind of files and data, folders and ever an entire hard drive. It literally takes one single click to encrypt all of your important information contained in removal drives and after you are done, you can clean the history to erase all the traces. It is one of the most favorite file security program with over 24 millions downloads.


For your convenience, it works on all Windows versions including Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista and compatible with both 32 Bit and 64 Bit systems.


Folder Locker Pro

Protect Folders with Three Key Functions

Folder Lock can encrypt and hide your files and folders within few moments. It allows you to password protect as well as hide the files from the system so that no stranger can even look at those files and folders. It can even hide an entire hard drive without any problem. After you lock a file, it can be only opened from the Folder Lock interface and there's no other way to unlock it.

Lock Your Folder

Lock Your Folder/Files

Lock your folder with a complex password, the all files in the folder can't be accessed or hacked by re-installing Windows, booting in Safe Mode or or booting from another computer.

Hide Your Folder

Hide Your Folder/Files

iSeePassword Folder Locker Pro will make sure that no one can even see your files by keeping it completely hidden, it's assured that data will be kept safe to highest level.

Disguise	Your	Folder

Disguise Your Folder/Files

Completely keep them in disguise mode by changing their icons and their appearance. This way, strangers will be misdirected and they won't be able to find the files they are looking.

Password-Protect USB

Password-Protect USB Drivers

Folder Lock is very powerful and can even encrypt an entire USB flash drive or external drivers. It will simply convert your removal drives into executable files so that even if you don't install folder lock, you could access these secured files without any issue. You can even burn these information into CD or DVD and make your own password protected zip files and send them via email as an attachment.

Hide Files

Hide Files and Folders with Confidence

Most of the folder locking programs allows you to hide files while the program is still running in the background and as soon you uninstall the security software, all the hidden files will be visible immediately and anyone can access them without any problem. But with iSeePassword Folder Locker Pro, you can hide files, folders and drives and make them invisible completely. Even if you get rid of the software, no one would be able to view those files unless Folder Lock s installed back again to unlock that information. In short, the only way to unlock those data is with Folder Lock software only.


More Features

History Record

History Record

Automatically record the history of encryption and decryption,

Portable Lockers

Portable Lockers

Install the program on protable drive like USB , CDs/DVDs, memory card.

Add More Folders

Add More Folders

Add as many folders to the program as you want for quick locking and hiding.

Hide Files

Hide Files

Easily and directly hide or Show a folder or all folders at once.

256-bit Encryption

256-bit Encryption

Folders are hidden and password protected using 256-bit Blowfish Encryption.

Keep Hiding Files

Keep Hiding Files

Uninstalling the program does not expose your hidden folders.


Get it Now (Windows Version)

The Windows version runs on any Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP computer.

What Our Users Say Us


Users Review


I have moved all my pictures and private documents to the locker software and miraculously, all the files have disappeared from the computer but I can still access them directly in my vault. A must have software for every person who has private stuffs in their computer.




Absolutely recommended program for everyone. This is the best way to hide and password protect a computer and I am very satisfied with this software. The support team was kind enough to help me through the process but now everything seems perfect. Tremendous job!