How to Fix Boot Error 0xc000000f on Windows 10

For every Windows user, error messages are quite common. Actually, you encounter errors on the Windows so frequently that now you have become used to them. You can encounter new and unknown errors every week which may be due to the latest update of Windows or the new version of the Windows you have installed.

These new errors can be simple or complex and may require you to call your system administrator.  

Moreover, there are errors which are there for a while now. These errors are timeless and are part of almost every Windows version. Some of these errors are mentioned below:

  •    Update error 0x80070057
  •    Security certification errors
  •    DLL errors

If you are a long time Windows user, you might know how to fix these errors as you have encountered them many times.

Again, there are some errors which are quite common, but still, people do not know exactly how to fix them. One such example is the Boot Error 0xc000000f.

What is Boot Error 0xc000000f?

Microsoft introduced the BOOTMGR bootloader first time in the Windows Vista and then used it in all the next versions. The BOOTMGR makes the use of BCD (Boot Configuration Database) which is a database of the configuration options and is used during the boot-time configuration.

So, if the Windows do not find the BCD during the booting process then the Boot Error 0xc000000f appears.   

What Causes Boot Error 0xc000000f?

There are normally three causes of the Boot Error 0xc000000f.

  1.    Corrupt or missing BCD

In 70% situations, a corrupt or missing BCD is the reason for the error. A missing BCD is a drop back of the boot sector viruses, disk writing errors and sudden power failures.

  1.    Faulty HDD cable

The deterioration of the old hard drive data cables can cause frequent read/write errors that can affect the booting process and cause the errors.

  1.    Damage to the file system

This damage to the file system is caused due to the sudden switching off of the system when it is in the process of writing important data.


How to Fix the Booting 0xc000000f?

There are numerous methods which you can use to fix the error 0xc000000f. But I am discussing only 2 which are both simple and effective. Both the methods are explained below in detail:

Method #1: Using the Startup Repair to restore BOOTMGR

This Startup Repair feature comes in the Window installation disc and is provided to repair the common bugs. This step will require you to carry your windows installation disk. Here are the steps that can initiate the Startup Repair for you:

  1.    Insert the disk in the ROM.
  2.    Power off your system and then again power it ON.
  3.    The screen will display “press any key to boot from the CD/DVD”. Press any key.
  4.    Select the keyboard options and language.
  5.    Now click “repair your computer” option.
  6.    Now the Startup Repair will scan your PC to install the Windows and then it will prompt you to choose the install from the list.
  7.    Now you will see ‘system recovery options’ dialogue box.
  8.    Just pick the ‘Startup Repair’ option from the list.
  9.    The Startup Repair will scan your system and will attempt a repair if it is possible.


Method#2: Manual Rebuilding of the BCD

As discussed above the error 0xc000000f is caused by the missing BCD. So, it is a good option to rebuild it. If you want to rebuild the BCD, just follow the steps:

  1.    Boot using the Windows installing CD/DVD.
  2.    Select proper language and keyboard options and then choose the repair “your computer option”
  3.    The system will now prompt you to pick the Windows installation drive (normally it is the C-drive).
  4.    Now the system recovery option will appear in front of you. Pick the Command Prompt option.
  5.    Now write the command – “bootrec /rebuildbcd” and press enter.
  6.    Press ‘Y’ if the program urges you to add the newfound Windows Installation in the boot list.

So, these are the two best methods which can help you cope with the Boot Error 0xc000000f. But, personally, I would suggest that when you encounter these types of errors you should take the help of professionals who can guide you and provide you the right solution.