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Dr. Word is a powerful password cracking assistant which allows you to quickly and safely remove all types of password created by MS word without touching internal database. Guarantee up to 87% success rate in recovering your Word's original password.

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Under what circumstances You Need A Word Password Recovery?

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Can't Open Word ?

Your MS word document was encrypted with a open password and you forgot it. There is no way to open your word unless type the correct password.

Can't Edit Word?

You can’t edit your text in the word because your word was protected with a editing restrictions.

Can't Copy Word?

You’re not allowed to copy, change, delete, add or annotate your word because of the editing restrictions.

Can't Modify Word?

If your word document was protected with a read-only password then you can’t modify anything except preview.

Dr.Word Removes Restrict Editing in Word Instantly

Microsoft word provides a new ability called Restricted Editing in the latest office in order to prevent the document from unauthorized editing or modifying, in many cases this function is necessary and a good thing. But if you forgot the restrictions password then you also will be locked out and can’t modify anything. Fortunately there is now a solution for it, Dr.Word has an ability to recover or remove all types of password for your MS word document without losing data, including: open password, modify password give you full access to your password-encrypted Word documents. It supports a full range of MS Word versions: From Word 97 to the latest Word 2019.

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Recover Lost Word Document Open Password with Configurable Attack

Brute-force Attack

This is a is a trial-and-error method which can systematically checks all possible passwords until the correct one is found. 

Brute-force with Mask Attack

Guarantee you a high chance to find password if you can provide any thing about your password info: like length, password range, case-sensitive or prefix and suffix. Dr.word will systematically checks all possible passwords in the given range.

Dictionary Attack

A dictionary attack attempts to find your password by systematically entering each word in a given or customized dictionary.

More Features Underlying the Word Password Recovery

Multi-core CPU Processing

Fully supports multi-core CPU acceleration, this will make it faster to search your Word’s password without slowing down your computer performance.

GPU Acceleration

 GPU acceleration actually improved CPU performance significantly, this will also improve the password cracking speed 10X faster.

Batch Remove

Batch Remove

For restrict editing password, Dr.Word can batch remove then almost instantly regardless of the length or strength of an MS Word password.

Continue Last Searching History

The program will save the log file every 5 minutes so that you can continues your last searching history.

Find Your Word Password in 3 Steps

Step 1: Install and Run Dr.Word Program

Download and install Dr.Word program to the computer which stores the password protected word.

Step 2: Add Word File

Click the Add File button to browse your password protected doc files.

Step 3: Choose Attack Type and Recover

You need to select a right attack type first then provide all the information you can recall so far regarding your password like the Range, Length, Dictionary, tab sections and finally click on “Start” button to start the recovery process.

Step for: Remove Restrict Editing Password

Choose the option “Remove Restrict Editing” and add your doc files to program, then click Start button to remove them at a time.

What Our Users Say Us


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Daisy Parker


I am totally amazed with this tool. It literally helped to recover my MS Word 2010 file password that I had forgotten long time ago. It did contain a lot of important information of my work which would be a bummer if I couldn’t recover the password. Thanks a lot! Highly recommended!


Ted Mosby


This program is always helpful to restore MS Word 2016 password in case if you forget it. I handle quite a lot of documents that are password protected and it is impossible for me to remember all of them all the time. Thankfully, this tool is really handy in my situation. I would definitely suggest everyone to use this if you want to recover your document password.



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Highest Recovery Rate

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