remove rar password

How to Remove Password from a RAR File?

RAR file, shortly abbreviated for Roshal Archive file format are compressed archive files. The large sized installation files and software are compressed in RAR format to make the sharing of such files and folders among various users easier and convenient. Now when you download such files from software distributing websites, they are usually found encrypted with a password, which is often remain unknown to the user, and that’s where the real upheaval arises.

The tutorial discussion here will encompass this specific RAR file password removal with 3 solutions. The solutions are deeply researched and thereby shown in this article section.

Method #1: Remove RAR File Password utilizing Online File Converter

In this part of the discussion, we would make use of an online tool which actually converts any file format, like PDF, RAR, etc to ZIP format. And if there is a password protection activated with it, that too will be destroyed while the format is being converted.

First go to the link here.

Upload your RAR file from your computer to the webpage using "Choose Files" button and then click on "Start Conversion" option. The process of file format conversion begins, and in the end, you get all the data in a ZIP file format but the password is destroyed and nowhere to be seen when you try to open the file.

Method #2: Remove RAR File Password using NotePad

Notepad is a very common preinstalled tool in Windows OS which we casually put to use for noting down emergency notes and information. But rarely anybody knows that it can be used to crack password from RAR file as well. If you are one of them, then you must read the contents of this method to know how it is to be done.

Step 1. Open your Notepad in your computer and then copythe following code and paste into the notepad file, and save as rar-password.bat.

notepad file

Step 2. After you saving the notepad as .bat extension, click it and it will open the command prompt Window, then input RAR file name and press Enter to type RAR file path.

remove rar password

Step 3. Press the enter key to find your rar password.


Method #3: Remove RAR Password with RAR Password Remover

RAR Password Remover is an efficient tool can come to your immediate rescue if you somehow forget the password of your WinRAR file. Once you would start using the tool in real, you will notice the difference. Unlike other offline tools, it offers four types of password recovery modes, Brute Force, Dictionary, Smart, Mask attack.  With the powerful algorithm, the program could combine a variety of the password, symbols, letters into a ZIP compressed file and try to find the right password. In our test, a 5 length password can be removed as little as two hour, it should be faster if your computer has GPU supported.

download button

Step 1. First, you need to download RAR Password Remover to your computer and install it. Now when launch the tool, the first thing you have got to do is to browse and load the target RAR file with the help of "Open" button from the toolbar.

open the program and add RAR

Step 2. Click on "Type of attack" option, and choose your attack type from the context menu list. Input the Range and Length information in the section below.

unlock RAR password


Step 3. Click on "Start" button from the toolbar above.

unlock rar password

When you attain the cracked password, use it to remove RAR file password and now you can disable the password feature to remove it permanently from the next time you open it.

download button

So hopefully the article methods have been helpful and useful till now. Now mere reading about it will not be enough, you have to apply it for your password loss condition. But from the next time, when you create a password again, make sure to keep small and simple, and keep it noted at somewhere accessible to you.