5 Must-have Apps for Your Windows 11 Computer

Windows 11 is out, and with it came hordes of new models of computer that can run Windows 11. Even most of the old models of computers can run Windows 11 with a few shortcuts. So, we thought why not write about a few favorite apps that can run on your Windows 11 computer and make it more useful than it already is.

1. Microsoft’s PowerToys for Windows

This is an absolutely essential utility for all Windows 11 computers. Windows 11 is still in its nascent stage, and so, you might want to change a few settings here and there which might not yet be available by default. That’s where this utility comes in.

This tool helps you in customizing Windows 11. Actually, the Microsoft’s PowerToys for Windows is not just a single utility, it is a collection of useful tools within one umbrella. For example, using this you would be able to keep your computer awake for as long as you need, this helps Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers who don’t want their computer to go to sleep mode when they have their Data Science experiment running. You will also have access to a color picker which you might need if you are a web designer. There is a tool to quickly make all the open windows fall into a particular layout, and another one which acts like the launcher tool available on a Mac, and there are more such useful tools available.

You can download it from the Windows 11 Microsoft Store available on your computer.

2. Start11 from Stardock

If you have used Windows 11, you have surely noticed that the Windows 11 start menu is nothing like that of Windows 10, and it leaves a lot to be desired. This utility will let you modify Start menu by bringing back its classic appearance. With Stardock you can change the size of the taskbar, its position, that too for multiple monitors all from one place. You can also bring back the Date and Time app on multiple monitors.

What’s more, you can add Folders and Pages to the Start menu, create new shortcuts easily, restore the taskbar context menu (which we miss the most), and a lot more.

You can download and install it from Stardock’s own website (https://www.stardock.com/products/start11/), they also have installation instruction there.

3. Dolby Atmos

If you are a gamer, or an audiophile, installing Dolby Atmos for your headphones if a must. This is a part of the Dolby Access app on Microsoft Store, and is a freemium utility. It offers a trial run for a certain period of time, beyond which you need to make a one-time payment of $15 to continue using it.

The Dolby Atmos will help you play your computer games better by enabling you to listen to enemy footsteps far more easily and clearly. The license that you purchase will also let you use this app on Xbox in case you own an Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S. And trust us when we say that this is way better than Microsoft’s built-in Windows Sonic spatial sound option.

Needless to say, this app works wonders for your movies and music too. You can download Dolby Access from the Microsoft Store.

4. VLC Player for Windows 11

You have a good solution for listening to music, now, let’s get you a nice app to play those movies. Most of us have used VLC player on our computers for playing video and audio files. This amazing app is now available on the Microsoft Store.

Using the VLC app, you would be able to play audio and video files of a large variety of file types. It not only supports playing of content from your internal hard drive, but it can also stream content over the network. What’s more, it doesn’t cost you a dime.

You can download and install this amazing media player from the Microsoft Store and replace the existing Windows Media Player.

5. Eartrumpet

Isn’t it annoying when you play games on your computer keeping the volume at an all time high, and then the next time you open your media player to play a movie, the high volume gives you a panic attack? Well, Eartrumpet is the solution.

This free utility gives you the ability to control the volume level for each and every program on your computer that uses the speaker. It gives you this access through an icon on the system tray. You’ll also have the ability to set customized inputs and outputs for all those programs. For example, you can instruct YouTube to play out of your external Bose speakers, however, your games will have the audio output sent to your headset. Isn’t that useful?

You can download this from the Microsoft Store too.

All these apps will make your life on Windows 11 a lot easier. There are more such apps that you will find on the Microsoft Store which will make the difficulties of using Windows 11 seems a lot less difficult.