I Spilled Water on My Laptop and The Screen Won't Work - How to Fix?

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Have you spilled water, soda, tea, coffee, milk, wine, juice or any other liquid on your precious laptop? It happens! But there are few of the ways to rescue your machine from water damage. First of all, turn it off immediately by removing the battery and AC adapter. The circuits will short out if even a drop of water touches it. Also remove the peripheral devices attached to it, such as USB device or mice.

Now turn your laptop upside down to keep liquid from going deeper in the laptop. Use a lint-free cloth or paper towel to wipe the liquid. If your laptop has spill-resistant keyboard, it is okay. Otherwise check it. If your keyboard is removable, you may remove and clean it. Also follow these steps:

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Tip 1. Wipe the Sticky Liquid:

The keyboard, screen, and buttons may be dirty. Use a slightly wet, clean lint-free cloth. Your computer may also be damaged due to static electricity. So, ground yourself first to avoid any further damage due to electrostatic discharge.

Tip 2. Open the Case:

You may want to take apart laptop case if it is not possible to clean the overall spill. Circuit boards may also be damaged due to spills. You may ask your friend to take your system apart if you cannot do it. Remove all the drives and cards possible.

Tip 3. Remove and Clean the Stains:

Remove dry residue using a lint-free cloth. Blow the dust away with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air. Rinse the residue if you spilled something non-watery. You can clean your machine in different ways, according to the type of spill and risk.

1) Consider what has been spilled in/on your PC and find out whether it soluble. If it is soluble with water such as cola, use de-ionized water. Or use alcohol and water.

2) Take any part which has stains and rinse it with water. Most of the circuit boards can withstand water unless they are powered. But moving parts like fans and CD ROM cannot handle water.

3) Clean it with distilled or de-ionized water. Most people prefer de-ionized water instead of tap water because it may leave deposits which can cause shorts.

4) Clean as much as you can and remove the excess water carefully.

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Tip 4. Leave It to Air Dry

1) Be sure all the parts are dry. There are different steps to dry it like rinsing. Dry it with moderate heat – You may use mild heat sources. Let it dry for around 12 hours. It may dry faster with dehumidifier.

2) Dry it Naturally: Open up the machine and keep it away from surfaces and let the air to circulate inside and over the whole unit. Leave the laptop to dry for at least 24 to 48 hours. Put the battery in raw rice to dry it.

3) Avoid using Hair Dryer – It can contaminate the laptop and cause static issues. At high setting, a hair dryer can also melt some plastic parts in it. Even worse, it can even leave the moisture deeper in the circuits and parts and it will oxidize and create the load connections within and outside the circuits as well as connectors, and laptop may eventually fall.

In order to remove all the moisture, the ideal way to do is to draw it away with patience using a vacuum cleaner over the affected areas for around 20 minutes in each area. It can remove most of the moisture and liquids and dry all the visible moisture. You should use this method to leave your laptop to dry naturally to avoid oxidation from happening in the components and circuits to avoid problems later on.


Some people also use solvent cleaners if unit has been vulnerable to oxidation for a long time before they clean and repair it. Be sure to have proper ventilation in your room and always use gloves when it comes to handle any alcohol-based cleaner or solvent as they are carcinogens. If you suspect that all the residues are still not removed, chemical rinse may work. It basically evaporates faster and you don't have to wait for longer. If this step works, reassemble your laptop and test it. If it is still not working, call customer support.

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