Best Android Weather Apps Reviews in 2019


Knowing weather is something that we all need to know. Before you move out for work, or for a party, taking note of the climatic condition is very much necessary to avoid conundrums of sudden raining, snowing, etc. Even in the fall of winter, or with the arrival of summer days, weather data helps you move out prepared. There are various weather apps and widgets which have been developed over the recent years. Rather than relying on television weather forecast, these apps gives you more detailed and accurate information about your city weather, even predicts the next day climatic condition as well.

Most of the apps you will find in Google Play Store. And this article will give you a short tour guide of the best weather apps found in Google Play Store.

#1: 1Weather

1Weather developed by OneLouder Apps is very popular and widely downloaded and highest rated weather app on Google Play Store. It usually shows the standard information like hourly and daily weather forecast including additional information, like what the next day temperature could be; weather tracking support for up to 12 cities; available with around 25 languages and many more.


It offers some weather widgets as well and the widget design is so clean and prominent that it is found to be happening with any Android theme or wallpaper. Moreover, it comes totally free, so need not worry about spending bucks for just a weather forecast.

#2: Dark Sky

Dark Sky:  You can try the free as well as the premium version of this app. Dark sky had a bit of rough start up, but with time it gained a lot of fame among so many weather apps available. Though it faced various controversies, yet it proves to be having the best radars that we have seen so far to give up-to-the minute information about your current city weather.

Dark Sky

It provides weather widgets also to adorn your Phone screen for a better classical view.

#3: Accuweather

Accuweather is a pretty smart and strong weather forecasting app including both extended and basic features. Also it gives you hourly forecasts; include best radar system; Android wear support with every single detail you need to know regarding your city climate.Accuweather

In case of raining or snowing, it gives you minute by minute data. It comes with serviceable widgets, and the app in total looks pretty nice.

#4: YoWindow

YoWindow – As the name suggests, the app is quite classic and flashy. Being one of the most unique weather apps of all time, it covers both basic and extended feathers to include all necessary information regarding weather.


You can swipe around the app UI to check out weather at any given point of the day. The app might not be as strong and powerful as other apps, yet its simplicity has attracted many viewers to try it. In a different way around, this app is best for those who like to keep things clean and simple. You can pick up the free version of this app which nearly provides all the required features for a better weather forecasting.

#5: NOAA Weather

NOAA Weather: This app sources the National Weather service for all the weather forecasting information. Including the hourly predictions, minute to minute raining and snowing conditions, radar and more, the app can track various cities’ weather status including the city you are living in.

noaa weather

It also adds weather widgets on your phone screen, but the only setback is that it does not give you severe weather alerts, which is necessary during weather hazards.

#6: WeatherBug

WeatherBug:  Featuring all the basic things you would expect from a Weather app, this is one of the older weather apps. But yet it includes radar, temperature, weather forecast, weather maps, lightening and storm alert systems, traffic situations, etc. So it makes sense why people still choose it regardless of being such an older utility.

android weather app weatherbug

There are weather widgets available with it, but you have to download it separately. It is a very stable app and the developers try their best to make it still look modernized with mostly all basic features you need.


We have articulated the best of all Weather detecting apps. Now it’s completely up to you to choose any one of them. To choose, read the details of the app in the above article, and then go to Google Play Store to download the following app to start getting weather alerts.

Katia Laine is an associate editor who works at iSeePassword. She writes about Microsoft, Windows, iPhone and Android. You can contact here via Facebook.